The Effects of Powdered Detergent



A recent article out of Pumper Magazine titled “Septic Care: Explaining the Effects of Detergents” really peaked our interest given we often see the effects of powdered detergent all the time.  When cleaning a septic tank, it can be difficult to differentiate powered detergent with grease as the detergent clumps together forming a grease-like substance that does not biodegrade in your system.  It is actually possible for powdered detergent to clog the system or block a drain.  Inexpensive detergents contain excessive amounts of fillers that can include ingredients such as clay, which can turn into more of a solid when in contact with the liquids of your septic system.  For detergents, it is best to stick with liquid… in the best case scenario, a liquid with no extra additives or harmful chemicals.

For a list of healthy detergents and cleaning supplies, check out the Environmental Working Group’s list of safe alternative products.