2017 EPA’s SepticSmart Week!

Just like one week every fall, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is focusing on educating homeowners and communities about proper maintenance and care for septic systems! “Do your part to be ‘SepticSmart'”! If you’re a homeowner, check out this link for helpful tips and information about your system: SepticSmart Homeowners

2016 EPA’s SepticSmart Week!



Every year the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promotes septic tank awareness and offers information and suggestions to homeowners.  The information provided encourages those with septic systems to maintain them properly and forget the idea of “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”.



For EPA resources, click the link here: RESOURCES  Here you can view helpful information regarding how your septic system works, how to maintain the system and why it’s important, what happens after you flush, etc.  Seriously, some really good information to have as a homeowner with a septic system.